Cheque Cashing

Customers choose Moneytree to cash their cheques because we offer a convenient, confidential, cost-effective option.

  • Payroll – Cash your paycheque for just 1.99%!
  • Personal
  • Tax Cheques
  • Instant Refund Cheques
  • Two-Party
  • Money Orders
  • Insurance Drafts
  • Banker’s Drafts
  • Business Cheques
  • And More!

Tax Cheque Cashing Services

Bring in your tax cheque, cash it for 1.99% and receive your cash immediately!

Moneytree Cheque Cashing

Since 1983, cheque cashing has been at a core product at Moneytree. We don’t hold your funds – you leave with the cash you need! Moneytree Customer Service Representatives work hard to cash all types and sizes of cheques that are presented.

Business Cheque Cashing

When your bank is closed and you need to cash a cheque made payable to your business, Moneytree is the place to go!

Our cheque cashing rates are competitive and we won’t hold your funds. Simply bring us your cheque and walk out with the cash your business needs. Plus we offer special cheque cashing rates for businesses – ask about our special rates!